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Manitoba Foundation for the Arts exists to promote sustainability and vibrancy in the arts sector.

Our role is to act as a catalyst in encouraging collaboration and innovation with the goal of elevating the entire sector and ensuring it continues to flourish.

Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is a small foundation dedicated to big ideas and transformative initiatives to support arts and culture.

While started as a seed project of the Manitoba Arts Council, the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is a separate entity, incorporated in 1999.

Arts & Culture in Manitoba

Manitoba’s arts and cultural organizations are our calling card and the basis of our collective identity.

They tell our stories, enrich our lives and are a significant economic driver. We need these organizations to be strong and resilient to ensure a rich, vibrant and progressive society.

Arts and cultural organizations are grappling with enormous changes, ranging from changing demographics to new technologies. We recognize their ability to grow, change and take risks within a rapidly evolving environment may be a challenge.

We aim to help Manitoba arts and culture organizations respond to this changing environment by providing support to projects that build arts infrastructure. Over the last few years, Manitobans for the Arts has developed partnership and funded initiatives to help organizations adapt.

Invitation for Ideas

Now, the Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is looking for big ideas from you to help transform the sector for the benefit of all organizations, and all Manitobans.

The arts are integral to our quality of life and to Manitoba’s economy. With this in mind, we want to ensure the arts are maximizing their impact and meaningfully engaging as many people as possible.

Everything is changing around us – technology, audience preferences, entertainment options, methods of reaching audiences, everything. We acknowledge these disruptive forces and want the arts in Manitoba to ride the wave rather than be drowned by it. Dreaming up and testing new models can be risky.  We believe there are great ideas out there on how our sector can transform.

What’s your idea?

We want to test great ideas, pilot transformative projects and/or put them into action. We have $100,000 available to try something bold – maybe that’s one idea. Maybe it’s five. We don’t have preconceived notions of what your ideas should be or how much you need to make it work.

Mandate and Board


Manitoba Foundation for the Arts cultivates relationships that enable arts organizations to implement their mission and strategic goals.


Manitoba Foundation for the Arts is the recognized catalyst promoting vibrancy and sustainability of Manitoba arts organizations.

Board of Directors

Roberta Christianson, Chair

Scott Baldwin

Lou-Anne Buhr

Rosalind Dick

Stuart Duncan

Katarina Kupca

Sara Stasiuk

Deborah Thorlakson


Manitoba Foundation for the Arts

Please note, Manitoba Foundation for the Arts does not accept unsolicited requests for funding.

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